Sustainable Living: Taking a Step Back

We need to be more “green.” But that doesn’t just mean having reusable grocery bags and recycling all of the plastic and paper that we go through. We need to reduce the amount of products we actually consume and try to find ways to “invest” in products that will be in it for the long haul, so to speak. This means trading in plastic tupperware containers for products made out of glass and switching out a lot of America’s other short-lived products. The average American, myself included, leads a very “disposable” lifestyle.

This week, I made it my goal to seek out blogs that focus on sustainable living. The most significant factoid that I gleaned from doing so is that the first step to leading a more sustainable lifestyle is reevaluating how much “stuff” you consume. Obviously, we can’t all be one of those bloggers that can fit all of his or her yearly trash in a mason jar, but we can make some actual fundamental changes to our lifestyles to reduce our consumption of harmful products.

I sought out a blog about leading a more sustainable lifestyle and found Attainable Sustainable, a blog all about having a more sustainable life. Here’s a link to a specific post about why recycling is a big “no no”

As my comment is awaiting moderation, here is a photo of what I had to say! And no, I’m not intentionally¬†endorsing Beyonce’s world tour.IMG_4186


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